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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Judge Dredd: America - as read by Karl Urban at Dallas Comic Con

For all you (like me) Judge Dredd fans; to mark the 37th year - this week - of 2000 AD; here is a special, short by Karl Urban.

The great man reads the opener from the John Wagner classic 'America' - what a sport and fellow fan.

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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

28mm Judge Dredd Lawmaster

The little woman came up trumps again and got me Judge Dredd, Judge Anderson and their awesome Lawmaster bikes from Mongoose Publishing, for my birthday - very nice they are, too

The Judge Dredd range is ever-expanding and Mongoose plan a raft of additions over the coming months, which is all good stuff for a life-long 2000 AD fan such as myself.

Dredd and Lawmaster in their component parts; there was considerable filing, application of green stuff and manipulation of (his) limbs - tentatively with pliers - to enable the great man to 'sit' correctly during the usual clean-up phase.

Partial assembly with all parts receiving an undercoat/prime with some black car primer; I based the bike on a recycled plastic base from some 28mm plastic figures after drilling and pinning the wheels due to the model's considerable weight.

Almost complete, awaiting final highlighting and gloss varnishing...

...and he's off! The Judge roars away to rid Mega-City One of its lawbreaking creeps...

I really enjoyed completing this model and love the chunky version of Dredd's iconic bike Mongoose have created. I shall finish Anderson in due course (all hair flowing and Lawgiver drawn) and post soon.
Meanwhile,this range comes highly recommended to all JD fans and those wanting some high quality sci-fi figures for skirmishing/displaying.

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Saturday, 8 September 2012

Dredd 3D Review

Just dragged the little woman along to watch (my) the most anticipated film of 2012; Dredd - based on the long-running 2000 AD strip featuring Mega-City One's toughest future cop. As a fan of the character since his inception back in February 1977 and following the Hollywood Stallone car crash, my expectations were high, though guardedly so.
However, when I first heard of DNA's plan to make a second Judge Dredd film several years ago, albeit  with a small budget, I was initially disheartened and didn't hold out much hope. However, as increasing amounts of information made its way onto the web and the film makers' intent became apparent, my hopes began to rise to fever pitch.

Unlike its predecessor, this version's makers 'get' the fundamental character concept and nature of the story, are fans themselves, have not been hobbled by big studio interference and have retained its theme in essence; even Judge Dredd creator, legendary comic writer John Wagner approved of production material and even travelled to the Johannesburg set to provide creative input.
All this boded well, but what of the finished product?
One thing I can say is the producers have wrung every penny out of the budget to good effect, and while this is not the Mega-City One of the comic - due in part to financial constrictions, but also artistic vision - but it is effective and believable. Filthy, rundown and crime-ridden, it provides the perfect backdrop to this version of Judge Dredd.
I won't give the plot details away, but will say that there are a couple of twists that I wasn't expecting (all good) and plenty of stand-out set pieces. Be warned, though, if you are of a nervous disposition or in any way queasy, this is a violent film, but not overly gratuitously so.

Karl Urban is excellent in role and DOESN'T remove his helmet throughout. Mega-City justice is dispensed ruthlessly in gallons and captures the comic strip's tone perfectly. As I have already mentioned, I am a Judge Dredd fan and can heartily recommend this independent British film, which while not perfect, is as close to the original character as anything your'e likely to watch on the big screen. 9/10

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Dredd Exclusive Trailer Debut [HD]

As a Judge Dredd fan from way back in Prog 2 and having despaired at the Stallone Hollywood-ised 1995, this looks pretty good and reminds me of the original Dredd concept and in particular the opening episode 'Whitey'...looking forward to September...

Monday, 28 May 2012

Invasion! Episode 8

As promised previously, here is the next of my favourite stand alone episodes of classic 2000 AD story 'Invasion!' from 1977. As you can see from the yellowing colour, this is a scanned copy from my original collection, which I have faithfully retained.

So here we go, in just four pages we scrape back just a little further into Bill Savage's persona and his  antipathy towards the hated Volgan invaders who 'destroyed his home, his family, his country'. 

This episode has it all and as this is '1999' in a 1977-guise we have two British icons in the first  panel: London double-deckers and Concorde (or, in this case, 'Concorde Mk 3') now requisitioned by the Volgans.

The finale sums up the episode perfectly, the Volgs undone by background knowledge provided by savage's late teenage son, Kelvin - a plane enthusiast - thus saving the 500 British family members of resistance fighters and facilitating their escape to neutral Canada - fantastic stuff. 

A brisk, effective story that further pushed Savage's status  forward while demonstrating the  high watermark of the early episodes, before the strip's steady decline in its later run. It still remains one of my all-time favourite series in 2000 Ad's history - more classic Invasion! soon...

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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Judge Dredd - The Bod TV special

My favourite comic hero of all-time mashed with another since-childhood icon...bizarrely...


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