Saturday, 21 March 2009

Perry Minatures ACW Confederates

Just dropped a couple more photos in of a few more Perry's I quickly painted up and dipped as previously described. I thought I would add a little variety to their 'rag tag' uniform appearance as befitted the Confederate armies.

Not the best quality photography - a little blurred I know - so my apologies - but at least you get the idea of the figures I'm trying to describe.

I must say that I am enjoying using the Army Painter and while it may not be to every one's taste, particularly the 'old sweats' out there, [I think] it certainly gives reasonable results to someone with limited skill and time.

I will quickly finish off the remaining few figures on this sprue as I now have 'my eye in' (I think) and embark upon the Warlord Games Imperial Roman Legionaries I have just recieved. Really looking forward to those.

More photos to follow...

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  1. I think they look really great, just as a group war weathered confederates should do! Your basing really finishes them off nicely too.

    Great stuff, I look forward to seeing some of your Romans!