Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Ambush Alley Again!

After what seems like an age I have finally achieved a semblance of completion with my Ambush Alley efforts. What began in February and continued sporadically between the usual work, life, socialising, coursework etc, now has a form - of sorts.

The 2'x2' board mid-game with a fire team of Marines on rooftop overwatch putting down fire onto three insurgents dashing across the road to their front, while a second fire team advances to clear the mosque.
With the exception of four small Magister Militum buildings, the remainder are scratch built, along with the walls and debris; the board is a desert coloured terrain tile by Total Scenic System that I coated with sand and liberal sprinklings of cat litter before spraying and dry brushing.

All miniatures are Peter Pig's 'Republic AK 47' range - US Marines and Arab/PLO, which I think are great. I have 15 insurgents completed and 7 Marines so far, just enough for small scenarios while I  paint up the remainder.

When starting this project I was in two minds which scale to go for and so decided to construct the buildings with one eye on them being used for future 20mm games, and so deliberately over scaled them slightly so they would not look out of place with larger figures - cunning plan, Baldrick...

A typical Ambush Alley view with knocked-out T54/55 at end of street, any insurgents about are keeping their heads down...

Marine fire team covers a small square prior to the remainder of the squad advancing...

I am building more battlefield 'clutter' - skips, craters, mounds etc, as well as a couple more buildings and have a QRF LAV-25 and Arabic civilians on order to widen the game's depth and scenario possibilities. 

I really like these rules with their unpretentious approach, accessibility and emphasis on real-world tactics over gamey gimmicks.The dynamic turn system makes it equally suited to solo play as well as multiplayer and puts you straight in the action -  only requiring a small 2' x 2' board for 15mm miniatures. It has fired my interest in modern gaming at the expense of everything else at the moment, which is remarkable given my usual eclectic gaming pursuits!

That's it for now - more to follow,

All the best,



  1. That looks really good - very inspiring.

  2. Thanks Steve - it has taken what seems like an age, although I am not particularly prolific with my painting

  3. That is a very good effort all round Monty, do your next game using Royal Marines eh?

  4. Thanks Al - I would have loved to do Brits in 15mm, but couldn't find any decent ones IMHO, but I am looking to move to 20mm and Britannia, so who knows?