Thursday, 14 April 2011

Ambush Alley Piccies

Just a few Pictures of a solo 15mm Ambush Alley encounter I had recently...

Nato troops enter a built-up area in response to increased tension, which sees a LAV-25 advance cautiously through the tight streets supported by dismounted Marine infantry, as a local mob watches from the distance...

A Marine fire team provides additional overwatch as the streets clear...

The enemy have melted away as the infantry slowly and methodically dominate the ground...

And they're off! Enemy insurgents, faced with overwhelming odds and superior firepower rapidly withdraw to fight again...

UAV surveillance confirms no insurgent presence...

The sun begins to set as Nato forces tighten their grip, but what of tomorrow...?

So ends my self- indulgent muddle of recycled photos into an unconvincing mini story thread...:)




  1. That looks good Monty. I can't wait until my book rocks up.

  2. Thanks chaps, I tend to drift between this and THW as my fave rules due to their accessibility and lack huge requirements; time is, after all, pretty scarce and my attention can wander badly...:D

  3. Nice looking game Monty, the figures fit really well with the terrain

  4. Cannot fault the story mate. Nice post.

  5. Great little story, something different and interesting.

    Chris from Model Dads