Monday, 19 September 2011

Wargames (Soldiers and Strategy) Magazine

When it comes to wargaming, I am without doubt a 'lighweight'; only having returned to the hobby two years ago after a twelve-year absence and certainly not up there with the 'big hitters' that I regularly see (and admire) at shows and among these hallowed electronic sites.

With all this preamble blurb in mind then, it is unsurprising that my sighting and subsequent purchasing of this previously unseen gem caused such a pleasant surprise to me whilst visiting my local WH Smith newsagent.

A fantastic, unbiased read full of diverse  articles which  is a world apart from Wargames [FOW] Illustrated...

I am probably the last 'war gamer' on Earth to see this magazine, but will certainly be supporting it in the future...great stuff!

That's it for now,



  1. I subscribe. It's a really good read.

  2. Not seen this down here, but thats not really saying much...It's still the 80's here.

  3. Yeah, I've never seen this either. I've been getting Wargames Illustrated this year, but getting sick of paying for a FOW advertising brochure, so I might try to get hold of a copy.

  4. I've bought the first 2 new issues and they are great.
    Much better content for money than WI for sure

  5. I think it was re-released in April here in England and based upon what I've seen so far, certainly deserves a look...

  6. You can get a sample subscription of three issues. Its a really good price compared to WI.

  7. You can also buy a PDF except for the latest issue, that lags 3months to the paper edition