Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Bits 'n' Bobs

I'm sure you will have noticed that I haven't exactly been productive lately, either with painting or posting. This, I suppose is due to a complete 'block' and evaporation of enthusiasm for table top gaming, which I'm sure will wear off soon and I'll be back to my usual low output in no time.
One of the things that has demoralised me is my endless mass of unpainted stuff and half-arsed unfinished projects. I intend to just start painting things again, not in any order or with any particular end goal, but just to regain the pleasure of (poorly) completing models and figures again.

 In the meantime, I have got these few GZG examples which I've recently finished, having had them lying around for over a year...

Alien mercenary, which is by far my favourite...

Human ravager with Crusty...

UNSC troops, which I decided to give the Master Chief look...


That's about it for now, pretty pathetic, I know...but I'll BE BACK :)



  1. Nicely done. I had abit of this a few weeks ago but EotD has me fired up for hobby love

  2. Why don't you sell some stuff off? At least the demoralising pile of unpainted stuff would be a bit less disheartening.

  3. great job on all of these. That alien merc is one of my favorite sculpts, and the crusty with a uniform looks really good too... Nice idea!

  4. Thanks Sarge, will give it some thought ;)

  5. Cheers 'Jacker - very kind...

  6. Nice painting. I specially like the Space Ork. I had to start painting mine one of these days.

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