Monday, 4 February 2013

Conquest Games 28mm Norman Infantry

Here are the first of my Conquest Games Norman Infantry that I received as a Christmas present from my lovingly sympathetic (to my "silly little soldier thingies") woman. I have been unfeasibly busy just lately due to relocating, being made redundant and leaving my previous career of twenty-nine years to starting a new job, to do anything else on the creative front; so these will have to suffice for now.

However, that said, I must say that I have been impressed with these latest additions to the ever-increasing multi-part plastic range from various companies now available on the market. It is possible to make up to forty-four Norman infantry soldiers wearing varying degrees of protection and armed with a variety of weapons, including Danish axes, swords and spears. Most carry the famous Norman kite shield, although there are a couple of round shields per sprue if you prefer to add a little more diversity to your troops' appearance. most are helmeted in a variety of head dress, although some are bare-headed and sport the distinctive Norman barnet.

One of the two command sprues featuring a handy 'dead' marker. The detail and sculpting is excellent throughout, although the figures are a little tall - 30mm toe to eye - compared to other similar ranges, which may cause a problem when it comes to matching them off against each other.

I painted up a selection of four initial examples, including the armoured knight from the command sprue and was pleasantly surprised. All figures are nicely proportioned and dynamically posed. In addition I used the excellent shield transfers from Battle Flag to complete the look.


I prefer versatility with my miniatures and so have based them individually, but in this case, added a scratch-built unit stand to allow figure removal.


To sum up, a great example of a quality product of my favourite early medieval troops just waiting for some dedicated Saxon opposition - can't wait.

That's it for now,



  1. They look good, ncely painted, might have to avail myself of a box...

  2. They look pukka, love the shield work ^^

  3. Fantastic result, really like the look you've achieved here!

  4. Many thanks for all your comments - very much appreciated ;)

  5. Excellent review and painting. Thanks for the tip off about their size as I don't think they will go with my Crusader figures.

  6. Good interesting Post about conquest and infantry action games for kids and teens.

  7. Thanks for the comments, chaps ;)

  8. Nice realistic colours and great basing. They look really good!

  9. These do look great, as does your basing!

    I'm a long time 15mm guy and I was impressed with the sculpting and the ease with which the Conquest Game mounted Normans came together. Plastics have come a long way!

    1. Many thanks, Monty - much appreciated ;)
      I too, love 15mm, the problem I have at the moment is lack of time to do just about anything and so just chip along. Anything larger than a skirmish game is beyond me for the foreseeable future.
      I must say though, your mounted Normans have inspired me to dive into some cavalry to assist the foot sloggers :)

  10. Thanks for this - useful as I consider Saga...