Wednesday, 21 August 2013

28mm Judge Dredd Lawmaster

The little woman came up trumps again and got me Judge Dredd, Judge Anderson and their awesome Lawmaster bikes from Mongoose Publishing, for my birthday - very nice they are, too

The Judge Dredd range is ever-expanding and Mongoose plan a raft of additions over the coming months, which is all good stuff for a life-long 2000 AD fan such as myself.

Dredd and Lawmaster in their component parts; there was considerable filing, application of green stuff and manipulation of (his) limbs - tentatively with pliers - to enable the great man to 'sit' correctly during the usual clean-up phase.

Partial assembly with all parts receiving an undercoat/prime with some black car primer; I based the bike on a recycled plastic base from some 28mm plastic figures after drilling and pinning the wheels due to the model's considerable weight.

Almost complete, awaiting final highlighting and gloss varnishing...

...and he's off! The Judge roars away to rid Mega-City One of its lawbreaking creeps...

I really enjoyed completing this model and love the chunky version of Dredd's iconic bike Mongoose have created. I shall finish Anderson in due course (all hair flowing and Lawgiver drawn) and post soon.
Meanwhile,this range comes highly recommended to all JD fans and those wanting some high quality sci-fi figures for skirmishing/displaying.

That's it for now,



  1. Lovely job Monty, a great looking miniature.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Simon - I think this range is great and look forward to the Rogue Trooper stuff due out soon ;)

  3. Cool model Monty, all the best mate

  4. Been waiting to see one of these painted, cool!

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