Sunday, 17 November 2013

Close Combat - Panthers in the Fog

I've been playing the Close Combat series of real-time, tactical wargames since 1997 and after a little deliberation, dived back in and grabbed the latest incarnation, Panthers in the Fog.

A host of improvements, including higher resolutions, graphical effects and additional command screens, to name a few, have resulted in the most polished version of this classic veteran to date.

The combat remains the same, tense, top-down squad by squad affair; although the new(er) maps with their additional detail add greater clarity and compliment the enhanced effects, such as the smoke and explosion effects.

The pre-battle operational screens give welcome depth and context to the ensuing tactical duels, although they are limited somewhat in scope.

Despite the influx of 3D, action strategy titles such as Company of Heroes and Combat Mission, it is Close Combat - for me, at least - that remains unsurpassed. Of course, it's now showing its age a little and some of the old issues remain, such as the occasional spinning tank and poor pathfinding; but the tense, unforgiving combat remains the best available.

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  1. I've played some in this series - the Bulge one and the D-Day one i recall well. I enjoyed the sound effects and it played well solo. Also liked the puff of exhaust smoke when the tanks started up. I must keep a look out for them as I sort through all my stuff.

    1. Despite their age, they remain my favourite WW2 strategy titles.

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    1. It is a classic old blast from the past Ray ;)

  3. Merry old times... I remember Close Combat very well...

    Thanks for bringing those nice memories up again.


  4. I'm with you, these were excellent games. I wonder if they make a Mac version? Will have to check.

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