Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Ultimate General: Gettysburg

I discovered this forthcoming very interesting PC and tablet based-war game from acclaimed Total War modder, DarthMod by accident recently.

Using a new game engine, it replicates the clash between the Union and Confederate forces around the town of Gettysburg in a  series of dynamic battles in real time.

 More information, along with a number of game-play videos and in depth developer comments can be found at DarthMod's blog.  

Sometimes (quite often, actually) real life gets in the way of miniature gaming/painting etc; so I always welcome the chance to flick a switch and have an electronic blast if it's worthy of its salt and this title - so far, at least, given the developer's reputation and past efforts - looks like it may be just that. More to follow...

That's it, for now.



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    1. Has to be done, on occasion, Fran :)

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