Monday, 6 July 2009

The Rifles

I thought I would quickly post some piccies of the freebie Perry Miniatures hard plastic Napoleonic Riflemen given away on the June edition of Wargaming Illustrated.

In my continued quest of 'having a go' at painting all manner of stuff I can get my hands on, these two were an ideal debut to the world of Perrys' Napoleonics, even if they are more 'rough and ready' Riflemen as opposed to the comparatively ornate line infantry more commonly associated with the period.
The figures themselves are of a high standard with plenty of detail in keeping with Perry Miniatures' other ranges.

Very little flash was present and with the exception of minor join lines, each model was clean in its finish. Both were adopting differing stances and had separate arms, heads and packs, allowing a fair degree of variation. Very impressive all round and even better than their ACW hard plastic infantry which I found a pleasure to paint as well as offering excellent value.

To emphasise their skirmisher role I placed them on a 40mm base as seen here following base painting and application of strong tone Army Painter. The base has been coated with sand and good old cat litter.

The finished models with Army Painter matt varnish applied and completed basing, which I tried to give a Peninsular feel.

I find inking as opposed to painting the sand prior to dry brushing more effective, but that is only a personal opinion, of course. I am trying to improve my basing techniques generally and feel they are as important as the models themselves which hopefully in my case hides the many flaws!

Hope you enjoy my meagre efforts!

All the best,



  1. You have done a really good job with the riflemen Monty. And the basing is A1. Well done.

  2. These are absolutely cracking Monty!


  3. Many thanks, chaps - very kind.