Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Valiant Miniatures

I've finally got around to posting my freebie Valiant Miniatures 20mm GIs as featued on last month's Wargaming Illustrated. I have to say I really enjoyed painting them up and found their high detail a pleasure to work with,especially with my limited painting skills. They reminded me of the old Airfix figures I used to collect as a kid, but in a good way.

The fact that many of them have interchangebale parts, weapons and limbs give you the opportunity to create a varied force - a great advantage over metals in my opinion. At a tenner for a box of around 64 figures (depending on the type you get) they represent great value for money, too.

I based these according to the old Crossfire WW2 company-level gaming rules by Arty Conliffe and am eagerly awaiting their reported return in second edition form towards the end of the year.

As for Valiant , I hope they expand their range soon as I think they have a great future for WW2 buffs who want a change from the more popular 28mm figures.

I used 40mm rather than the 1 1/4 inch ones recommended in the rules - the above 'squad' (section) has been undercoated in Army Painter green prior to painting.

Undergoing base painting prior to the application of Army Painter strong tone dip...

And finally completed, having been matt-varnished and based

Two completed sections, as previously mentioned, there is scope for a great deal of variety with the figures to create a diverse selection of poses and weapons etc

Platoon Commander figure mounted individually

Platoon Commander and two sections advance

That's all for now - sorry about my useless photography skills!

Hopefully though, they show what these figures can offer even to an amateur (like me) and with a little luck, Valiant will get around to expanding their range sometime soon.

All the best for now,



  1. Good painting Monty, good work with teh poses, they look far better than my first attempts. I like the MMG team and the kneeling figures in particular :)

    Also, I think you have stopped me going astry with the backpacks, as I was going to paint them Khaki instead of brown? Like the way you did the spades too. Small but nice point :)

    Keep on tinkering away

  2. Thanks Geordie - much appreciated.
    I'm not sure I got the colours completely right though, but I really liked these figures.
    All the best mate.

  3. Great painting Monty, I agree with your comments on expanding the range, I emailed valiant recently asking for Brit Para's, they're on the way....but don't hold your breath!! Pity. Perhaps a head swap sprue would be quicker and cheaper, with the Para helmet and beret's, to convert the Tommies - you could always paint in the bottom of the denison below the webbing.

  4. Thanks WD - I'll look out for them and hopefully some compatible vehicles...?

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