Saturday, 29 August 2009

Combat Mission - British Forces

My painting exploits continue slowly on two fronts with 28mm Warlord Roman Legionaries being based for Basic Impetus and a fledgling 6mm Baccus EIR Warmaster army painfully advancing.

So, in order to prove my ahem, eclectic gaming prowess I thought I would highlight to those interested another war gaming pleasure (for me anyway) away from painted metal/plastic.

This update highlights the latest in Battlefront's acclaimed series of turn-based Combat Mission tactical offerings which, while flawed, offers plenty of depth and possibility. It's all come a long way since Beyond Overlord - the first installment - back in 2000, with upgraded graphics and effects while retaining all of the features that originally appealed.

British Forces is the latest offering following on from Combat Mission Shock Force set in a hypothetical conflict in near-future Syria - the Iraq connotations being obvious. I have to say, that Battlefront have maintained their (almost) flawless attention to detail regarding force structure and equipment accuracy with only some slightly dubious exceptions; entire formations, of Scimitars, anyone? In fairness and with small things like that aside, I think this is a worthwhile purchase that gives plenty of reward.

For those not familiar, the game uses the WEGO system of control that sees the player issuing all orders to his units before hitting the action button to see one minute of the battle unfold before issuing more orders.

There is also a 'real-time' option, which, in truth, doesn't add a lot, as it has always been the turn-based approach that has always given this series its strength.
An example of the action sees a Warrior IFV deploy smoke before engaging a sighted Syrian T72 with its 30mm Rarden cannon. A deployed Javelin team then score a direct hit knocking out it out. The camera allows you to move around the battlefield and view the action from any perspective.

The results of this and other Javelin strikes can be seen above. Enemy units can only be seen and identified if spotted by at least one friendly unit and only that particular unit - all others remain unsighted.
Challenger 2 MBT - desertised and uparmoured - sits alongside a Scimitar CVR(T) reconnaisance vehicle on the Line of Departure.
The dismounted British infantry previously seen in the video above, prepare their Javelin ATM while under contact, the Warrior IFV is about to put down covering fire. Note the friendly unit icon markers in the distance.

Challenger 2 engages advancing Syrian T72 tanks - all pictures and video are from the game's Quick Battle generator that allows a wide range of player designed encounters to be played out.

Well, that's it - I hope this gave a brief insight into another avenue of wargaming that I feel deserves a look at the very least - you never know, you may be pleasantly surprised.
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  1. I used to play a WWII version of this game some years ago! The modern version looks just as good!

    And I look forward to seeing the Romans when they're finished!

  2. Thanks mate, I too had it and loved it; this latest version is in many ways better, although there is talk of an upgraded WW2 version based upon this new engine.
    The Romans are coming along too - jumping between 28 and 6mm at the moment.
    All the best1