Thursday, 17 September 2009

Baccus 6mm Early Imperial Romans

Just a quick update to highlight my embryonic Warmaster Ancients Baccus 6mm EIR army. Painting generally has been chronically slow for me lately due to various life commitments, so I have had to content myself with what I can - hopefully there will be time to achieve more progress soon.
This is the first time I've used Baccus figures, only ever having encountered Irregular's 6mm range years ago, so the first thing that struck me was their size. They are in fact, closer to 8mm, but with plenty of detail, nice proportions and a dynamic feel to them.

My aim is to build a 1000 point Warmaster Ancient army, but also use them for Impetus and whatever other rule set are en vogue at the time; I am not and never have been an obsessive stickler for strict basing per rules conventions; life is simply too bloody short.

What you see here is a single unit of legionaries and auxilia; I am slowly drifting back into love with 6mm due to its economy of cost and effort as well as the obvious visual appeal of massed units. While these few chaps are admittedly not that awe-inspiring by themselves, once multiplied several times over, the effect should be very impressive (I hope).
As with all scales, much is written about the painting and basing of 6mm figures, but in my case, regarding the latter, I find scratch-built bases just as good (and cheaper) than pre-cut purchased ones. My personal opinion is that many MDF and suchlike products are simply too thick - even before the application of basing materials etc. Therefore the humble beer mat, albeit carefully cut to size is perfect and once based and PVA'd is rock solid with no chance of warping.

I tend to shy away from static grass too at this scale, as I think the figures then appear to be wading through elephant grass. My own preference (for what it's worth) is good old flock; but I'm certainly no expert.

The comparative lack of effort required to achieve reasonable results in a short time coupled with their massed visual appeal and cost makes 6mm very attractive and for me, the way ahead. If only I can devote some more time to them...

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  1. Hey Monty. Great job mate. I have never painted 6mm. Looks too tough for me. It will be great to see the finished army.

  2. Great looking minis! I totally agree with you about the economy and massed look of the figures, a reason why a few years in the future, i'd like to go into 6mm Napoleonic. In all honesty though, I doubt my eyes could hack it!

    The 1/72 plastic Napoleonics me and my Dad used to use when I was about 9 or 10 are all based on beer mats ;) it's a quality basing method!

  3. Thanks chaps - I must admit that bizarrely I get less eye strain with 6mm than 28mm - in many cases you are literally (carefully) blobbing the paint on.
    Consul, I have been interested in 1/72nd again for WW2 anhave been scowering various maunfacturers - boyhood memories I suppose!

  4. I was looking in our roof space for basing materials and other such modeling equipment and found my old 1/72 WW2 figures. What I didn't like about them was that 1 in 4 would have the same poses which didn't make them look very realistic (my main problem with gaming using plastic figures).

  5. It's funny you say that about the poses being similar, for me it was the softness of the plastic and the resultant peeling paint etc! Hence, my search for hard plastic manufacturers. I tried the '1/72nd' Valiant freebies on Wargaming Illustrated recently and was impressed, but their large scale meant they are unuseable with other vehicles and figures of a similar scale.

  6. I'm a 15mm man for my ancients so far [Greeks, Persians, Alexander, Rome, Carthage], but if a new era takes me I may well go the Baccus 6mm way.

    Nice paint job again!!!

  7. Thanks again, Geordie,

    You may well be pleasantly surprised with 6mm; but I must admit, I used to do a lot of 15mm too, and am looking at it again as I have a lot of unpainted figures originally intended for DBA, still to do.

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