Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Battle Picture Library

Just a very quick post to highlight what I consider to be one of the best inspirations for WW2 gaming - Battle Picture Library. Originally produced in a bygone era - the '60s and enjoying huge popularity throughout the '70s and '80s - it chronicles old-fashioned heroics from the most titanic struggle in human history in bite sized chunks for males of all ages.

Its appeal has unfortunately waned somewhat in recent years thanks to digital pursuits and effeminate attitudes. But, as I have said elsewhere, it still represents the sort of old school, balls-out, raw and gritty thrills so frowned upon now by modernist so-called sophisticates.
Within its covers, the black and white line illustrations and stirring, punchy text mean we can all continue sticking it to Jerry in Spitfires, tin helmets and khaki in an age when men were men and there wasn't a celebrity chef or male grooming product to be seen anywhere - fantastic!


  1. I hear you Monty. Commando, Battle Picture Library, Action War Library and many more. When I was growing up there was no other choice. You read your war comic then you went outside and dug small trenches, lined up the bucket loads of plastic soldiers and spent the next 6 hours having fun.

  2. Fully concur mate, the library in Devon used to have loads of these - popular stuff for RM hopefulls.

  3. male grooming?! i think you'll find it was at its height! not a beard in sight, bryl cream outsold meat at the shop. a man had to look his best in those days!

  4. Ha, ha, thanks chaps!

    I hear you Consul; but as a 'retro-groomer' and young lad back in the '80s I used to use said Brylcreem for a while and it remains unlike anything that has since 'superseded' it since...

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