Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Peter Pig 15mm T55 Tank

Just completed Peter Pig's 15mm knocked-out T55 for use in  Ambush Alley and thought I would quickly stick it on.

Prior to painting I mounted it on one of my endless supply of beer mats and softened the severe ridge on its original base with some green putty, before basing with the usual sand and cat litter.

My painting skills are limited so I decided my tank should be partially burned-out and be feeling pretty sorry for itself in a bad state of repair. A quick bit of careful scalpel work did away with the dead crewmen who were hanging out of the vehicle and a light sprinkle of fine sand onto the hull (to represent scorching), prepped it for undercoating.

I tried to paint it as if it had burned heavily on one side only (probably due to it carrying hardly any main armament ammo and little fuel - as per Gulf War 2 Iraqi armour) following an M-Kill.

For those who haven't encountered this model, I found it well-detailed, proportioned and nice to paint - all good stuff.

It should now make an ideal piece of hard cover or objective for my forthcoming scraps and I will now look to get a few Pig civvie vehicles, such as the Toyota pick-up and Mercedes Benz (taxi, anyone?)

All the best,



  1. Thanks chaps - very kind, just re-done the scorched sections and added a little desert static grass now, to finish it off.


  2. Can't wait to see more of the project.