Thursday, 16 September 2010

QRF 15mm LAV-25

Just finished QRF's LAV-25 model, which I have been doing alongside several other projects for my Ambush Alley board.
Component parts cleaned up prior to assembly (obviously); the barrel needed some serious straightening and strenghtening with a thin film of super glue following transit.

Model assembled and base-coated, this was intended to be an invasion-era example, so, after consulting various sources I opted for my take on the standard temperate cam paint job - with mixed results...

A quick wash later with some Citadel Badab Black Wash...

Dry-brushed with lovely Vallejo Iraqi Sand acrylic - I wanted it to look suitably weathered and knackered, after all!

The finished product, final dry-brushed, based, with additional scratch-built stowage (covered bergans and cam nets) made from modelling clay and green putty. The radio antenna are a couple of nylon bristles from a dust pan, washed and dry-brushed. All ready to provide some much needed Marine transportation and additional fire power...

This was my first encounter with QRF's vehicles and I was generally pleasantly surprised.

More to follow...

All the best, Monty


  1. Excellent work. You've done particularly well with the dry-brushing!

  2. Really good work Monty. The dry brushing is great.

  3. The weathering really took on some great character!