Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Britannia Modern British Infantry

Having now almost completed my 15mm Ambush Alley adventure, I realised that I wanted to perhaps do it all again in 20mm! So, I quickly bought a small batch of British Infantry from Britannia to have a look at and was pleasantly surprised by their bulky quality.

Having never painted this scale before I was surprised at the minatures' size - not much smaller than 25mm, with their detail and character impressive, to say the least, IMHO.

Most of my small motley crew all based on their trusty 1p pieces - I want to use all the same measurements for my 20mm Ambush Alley games if I can and so decided to keep as much the same as 15mm as I could to prevent me having to redo everything again. This may not be realistic in practice - but,  we shall see...

The section commander and grenadier with his 40mm UGL , again, the character of these figures is impressive.

The sniper team in their completed form - my favourites, so far.

The remainder of the section advancing across the work bench...

Action shot of the chaps doing the business on my existing 15mm table and scenery - I should be able to adapt some of my scratch-built buildings by simply adding larger doors...

Sniper team taking cover behind some scratch-built cement sacks, prepare to take out an insurgent leader...

The GPMG team sprints across a ubiquitous alleyway...

Well, that's it for now, I like them a lot and have decided that I'll get some more of these, along with their Taliban enemies - more to follow...



  1. Fantastic figures and good work on them!

    You should put on a demo game ;)

    Have you read the book Ambush Alley? I'm thinking I may purchase it

  2. Thanks Consul, mate - I may get round to a demo game, once I get a minute - time is scarce at present - which got me into AA in the first place I will look out for the book though...



  3. Monty. Top looking paint jobs and basing. I hope you can do a demo game.

  4. Thanks Paul - will hopefully get one off the ground soon...