Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Two Hour Wargames

Whilst continuing with the excellent Ambush Alley, I have also been boning up on Two Hour Wargame's Chain Reaction 3.0 freebie skirmish rule set, which is very impressive.

For those that haven't seen them yet (and for those that have, I would love to hear your views) they have the increasingly popular dynamic reaction system at their core, which allows for stimulating solo and co-op play where no two games are alike. While they can be used with any figures you may have about, as THW state; they are, I think, better suited to larger scale minis - although this is not a necessity, by any means - in  what is, a semi-RPG environment.

Like  Ambush Alley, they are easy to learn and offer plenty of opportunity for tactical options during play and I look forward to giving them a proper blast soon, rather that the limited play testing I have only had chance of so far.

More to follow!

All the best for now.


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