Monday, 27 December 2010

Combat Mission: Normandy

Just spotted this recent post from Battlefront regarding the latest incarnation of its successful Combat Mission series.

While I enjoyed CM: Shock Force, I felt it had lost something in translation from what is this game's natural setting of WW2. This seems to have been rectified now with the welcome return to its roots.

Looking forward to seeing more of this in the New Year as its release date nears...

All the best,


  1. Looks very good. It's a good game series. I just bought the Blitzkrieg expansion for Battlefield Academy.

  2. I shall be back on BA once I get back to London, Paul and will look you up -I will help raise your online

  3. I am pbeccas on the Slitherine forum. PM me once you are up and running.

  4. No problem, Paul,will do mate...