Friday, 31 December 2010

Situation Report

A Happy New Year to all my fellow bloggers/gamers/painters etc!

As 2011 approaches I am in the pit of despair; over two weeks have passed now since I picked up a paint brush while all the time reading of you chaps happily painting away - it's getting too much to bear!  The same goes for my beloved xbox (Battlefield: Bad Company 2) and PC (Total War) ...

To add to my woes, I have been struck with this bloody flu-like virus (man-flu, apparently) that is doing the rounds in Britain at the moment; which means I haven't been able to console myself by drowning my sorrows or ravaging my woman - it's a bloody hopeless situation!

Finally, finally, I reached for my copy of the classic Guns at Batasi which Karen thoughtfully got me for Christmas, only for us to then realise that Amazon had sent the Region 1 version...AAGGGHHH!!

 You couldn't make it up...

Oh, well, roll on 2011, that's all I can say - best wishes!



  1. May the gods of war(gaming) cast their manthrax curse upon other less worthies soon so you can get back to the painting table (and wife!)

    Best wishes for a great new year.


  2. Thats no good mate! I hope you are feeling better and all the best for the new year.

    Regards Paul

  3. Happy New Year Monty. I hope you recover soon enough to ravage your woman again.

  4. Thanks chaps, fear not, I shall rally, regroup and re-org stronger than ever for 2011...apparently...:)