Tuesday, 8 March 2011

1/32nd Airfix Jerries!

After what seems like an age (because it probably is), I thought I should stick an update on to prove I have been pottering around with a paint brush; even if it is in a totally disorganised way.

Below are two of my favourite Airfix figures from my favorite set, WW2 German Infantry which have been recently relaunched.

The officer, Walther P38 in the aim...before...

...and after... I started painting these quite casually as is evident by the number of joint lines which remain; quite annoying as the figures turned out a bit better than I originally thought they would...doh!

I used good old Army Painter Strong Tone Dip liberally brushed on before matt varnishing, dry-brushing in grey, basing and finally matt varnishing for a second time.

I used Army Painter Steppe Grass (naturally) and Swamp Tufts to complete the basing.

My overall fave bod - the grenadier,  about to execute an Olympic-worthy throw of his 'potato masher' - doubtlessly into a distant and flanked, Bolshevik MG nest...

Blast those accursed joint lines!

Ah, back to the days of classic war films, Warlord, Battle and War Picture Library comics, to name a few!

These figures whisk me back to boyhood and despite their comparative stylised, simplicity by modern moulding standards, remain classic designs.

The MG 34 team next!

All the best,



  1. Excellent paint jobs ... Would be great for skirmish games. Ahhhh, good old Airfix .... such memories of youth.

  2. Classic is teh word for them

    My son's birthday is coming up and I don't think I need another excuse ;)

  3. Pretty awesome Monty. I must comment that I am most impressed that the P38 barrel is not bent!

    Great painting.

  4. Thanks chaps - very kind, I must admit Paul, I was tempted to bend the Walther's barrel when painting it, 'just for old time's sake' LOL!

  5. Really well painted Monty. Brings back lot's of memories.

  6. I wish Airfix would consider re-releasing these in their 1/76nd scale, along with the others; they are what WW2 gaming are all about...IMHO :)

  7. Really nice Monty,
    More memories here too. The best paited Airfix I have done in a good while.

  8. I like these! Childhood memories ;-)

  9. Very nicely painted mate.Good to see them out again.

    Cheers Rich.

  10. These look brilliant mate! And bring back happy memories of lots of battles in the garden. I like your technique of drybrushing over the varnished figures with grey - will definitely give it a go.

  11. 4th Cuirassier27 May 2011 at 09:10

    Very nice work on these and also on your commandoes.

    Have you noticed how huge the German infantry are compared to the Afrika Korps? It's like they're different scales! The grenade thrower is the size of the Tiny character in Sven Hassel!

  12. Wow, outstanding!
    I've got some really old 1/32 Airfix DAK figures, but I'd never paint them.
    Maybe I should get me some new ones to have fun with :)