Tuesday, 24 May 2011


In February 1977 British comics history changed forever with the publication of 2000 AD, a science fiction-based feature highlighting ground breaking stories that, despite being anticipated as a short-lived venture, would endure and help shape British pop culture until the present day.

The first ever story featured was 'Invasion!' created by British comics legend Pat Mills and artist Jesus Blasco. Set in an alternative (then) future 1999, it saw Britain and Western Europe invaded and occupied by The Volgan Republic of Asia, a brutal dictatorship with an uncanny likeness to Soviet Russia. It would also introduce Bill Savage - a sterotypically  working-class 1970's hero that would epitomise (for me anyway) the British fighting spirit; the uncouth and untrained underdog fighting for, and triumphing against impossible odds.

As an 8 year-old this strip had a profound effect on me and helped ignite my obsession with Sci-fi and future war. The power of those first episodes with their iconic imagery still fire the imagination, all these years later.
So, as a homage to this great story, I have included the first ever episode and will explain why, once you have read through this unofficial, but affectionate and respectful republishing of a modern comics legend.

So there it is, the introduction to a story set in 1999, but rooted very much in 1977 - what better basis for an alternative future -based wargame?

The possibilties are endless...

I have episode two for those that may be interested...

That's it for now,



  1. The original series has been compiled into a volume entitled Invasion which you can pick up from Amazon for under a tenner. The first volume of Savage (the follow up set five years on) is also available though the next four volumes haven't been collected yet...

  2. Will probably get the Invasion edition, have the Extreme edition, which was heavily edited. Following the latest Savage now which now incorporates the early ABC Warriors... :D

  3. Brings back good memories, keep it coming.

  4. So very cool, I remember this from when I was a teenager. My little brother used to get it. Great comic.