Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Blogger Issues

Just a quick update to say I am experiencing strange occurrences with Blogger at present and cannot properly comment or respond to posts etc.

Blogger seems to be kicking me off and not remembering my passwords...very frustrating.

Hopefully normal service will resume shortly.




  1. I wonder if it is a problem with Internet explorer? I can't post any cmoments through my laptop which runs IE but I am able to post cmoments through my iPhone which uses Safari.

    Agree though it is all very irritating!

  2. I am running Firefox, so far no worries with blogger. A couple of mates of mine have had trouble posting comments. Not sure of their choise of browser.

  3. I had the same problems and it was definately an issue with blogger not some external cause. It all seems to be ok now but it was very frustrating!

  4. Wouldn't let me comment for a while.