Monday, 18 July 2011

Invasion! Part 3

Here is part 3 of classic 2000 AD story Invasion from the comic's inception back in February 1977. This episode is significant for a number of reasons, not least for it marking the departure of co-creator and artist Jesus Blasco, whose fantastic work perfectly captured the mood and feel of a pseudo-1999 rooted firmly in 1977. Writer Pat Mills would also leave soon, handing over script writing duties to Gerry Findley-Day, who would steer the series to its conclusion by Prog 51.

The episode opens in the immediate aftermath of the Volgan occupation in a parody of the Red Army's sacking of Berlin in 1945 as the victors loot and murder their way through the defeated British capital. One of Blasco's strengths as an artist lay in his ability to capture facial expressions and character ethnicity, as distinctly Asiatic-looking Volgans delight in their war crimes. The traditional British Bobby and flat-capped pensioner in the background  further underpin the strip's  1970's vintage .

Britain's new Prime Minister and Volgan collaborator, Simon Creepton (nice touch) appeals to the nation to accept the invaders as 'friends' as Savage oils up his 'cannon' above a transport 'caff', meanwhile, raincoat-clad British Military Intelligence close in.

The first meeting between Savage and who would turn out to be his great friend and fellow resistance fighter, Lieutenant Peter Silk. From the off, Savage is one step ahead as he spots and deals with a Volgan squad tipped off by another collaborator (a recurring theme throughout the series), in this case, the cafe owner.

Driven by  the need to avenge the death of his family at Volgan hands during the invasion, Savage's credentials as an effective and streetwise killer have already been established in the opening two episodes, and this latest scrap further underpins his ability to make short work of regular Volgan troops while outwitting British Military Intelligence.
With Savage now part of the established resistance movement, he is perfectly placed to take the fight to the Volgans on more even terms.
I will post episode 4 soon, which introduces Britain's fight-back and then periodic stand-out stories in due course.
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  1. Very cool third part, better than the second one!

  2. I would tend to agree with you, the opening episodes were never bettered all round, really.

  3. Still bringing back good memories.

  4. Keep em coming mate.

    I am a sucker for the "Good old days".

  5. Will do, Paul - me too :)

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