Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Judge Dredd

Here is my latest painting distraction - an opportunity buy at Salute saw me grab a couple of Judges from Mongoose Publishing's excellent Judge Dredd range; one being the great man himself: Joe Dredd.

The figures are the first from the range I have got hold of and I have to say, they are pretty impressive; characterful and chunky, in the style of the artwork from the Galaxy's greatest comic, they stand around 30mm from toe to eye.

 Of the two, my favourite is the Street Judge firing his Lawgiver Mk 2 - very nice...

Dredd, himself looking typically authoritarian while he awaits his paint work...

...and here he is, subject of poor photography, but looking more the part as he addresses a lawbreaker...

'The sentence is death, creep!' Classic Judge pose as instant justice is dispensed...

I really like this range, which is expanding all the time and I have it on good authority, that more Judges, among others are on the way, including Lawmaster-riding examples - bring it on!

That's it for now,



  1. They're bloody good sir, looking forward to the new movie with Karl Urban?

  2. Very cool Monty, any Rogue Troopers?

  3. Thanks chaps, very kind...:)

    I am looking forward to it Lurker, it has to be better than the Stallone car crash; I've seen some of the pre-production stuff and it looks promising - even John Wagner approves of the script - so fingers crossed...
    Unfortunately no Rogue from Mongoose, Al, but Foundry do some nice examples...

  4. Nice looking figure. Looking cool.

  5. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

  6. The judges are gathering!

    Good job on the both of them!

  7. Looking swish, you gotta love that chin.

    Great work Monty

  8. Thanks chaps - couldn't agree more regarding the chin, Paul :D

  9. Great job Monty. You will have to try out the Mongoose rules now.

    Your turn to pick a game. I will keep an eye out.

  10. Oh, nice painting! I love everything including judge dredd (yes, even the novels and the stallone movie). This reminds me that i have to buy more of the "complete case files".
    Are those mongoose rules ok?

    Whiteface / Oliver

  11. I haven't tried them yet, Oliver, but they are a freebie download...they appear to have plenty of support from Mongoose though.

  12. You cannot beat that 2000AD feel of Judge Dredd

    My ABC Warrior project (long stalled) intended to move into a follow on Mega City project

  13. Awesome! Now I want to see Judge Andersen :-)

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  15. Glad I found this - I am just painting up my own Joe Dredd now - the authoritarian one, not the firing one. I had guessed exactly the same colours as you (with the dark blue body suit vice black you sometimes see) so its nice to get that confirmed!

  16. PS How did you get that gold so GOLD? Looks awesome!