Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Gun Fight at the OK Corral (almost...)

At the end of last year, the little woman and I had just ploughed through  all three series' of the fantastic Deadwood in record time when I announced the experience had inspired me to paint wild west figures.

This classic example of the fickle nature of my painting interests resulted in the pleasant surprise of my dearest proceeding to buy me the excellent Gun Fight at the OK Corral by Dixon Miniatures for Christmas (yes, it's taken me that long to get round to painting them!).

But never mind that, here are the 'goodies' of the Old West;  they are the first Dixon minis I have painted and I really like these figures, despite the (unwarranted IMHO) mixed reception they seem to endure among gamers.

Virgil Earp (as far as I'm concerned anyway...) ;)

Doc Holliday, I based my painting schemes on the film Tombstone, except Doc whom I based on a Colonel Sanders-esque type due to his loose resemblance!

Morgan Earp, thought I would make a slight chance with him and give him a grey Stetson...

Finally, Wyatt who gets two pistols (of course)... ;)

There you have it, just got to paint the Clantons and McLaurys next...don't hold your breath though...

That's it for now,



  1. Cheers Beccas - nice one, mate ;)

  2. He does look like the Colonel, smashing work...No armour though?

  3. Well painted Monty, I lied Deadwood and gaming the Wild West.

  4. Great looking figures very well painted.

    Cheers Rich.

  5. Great painted figures Monty! I like them a lot!

    That Doc looks like General Lee ;-)


  6. Obviously WW is going viral, I just splashed out on Legends of the Old West in the Warhammer Historical in their 1/2 price sale...

  7. Well painted Monty, very nice figures indeed

  8. Cheers again - I think you may be right, Steve...

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