Monday, 17 October 2011

Battle of Hastings

We had a great day out on Saturday at Battle, East Sussex, to watch this year's re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings. In glorious October sunshine the site of the battle came alive again with over 400 participants clashing in a stirring representation of that epic turning point in English history. In addition to the battle, there was also plenty of other activities, including falconry, weapons' and equestrian displays. 

 This was our first visit to Battle, which carries a tangible sense of history and we  intend to return and take it all in again in slow time; there is much to see all year round, with various tours, a museum and buildings such as Battle Abbey, (above) built by William on the site of Harold's demise to give thanks for his victory and to commemorate the thousands who fell that day.

Norman cavalry begin to arrive on the field...

There were a number of excellent cavalry displays including use of lance and javelin against infantry and mounted swordsmanship.

The display begins with the English beginning to arrive on Senlac Ridge, shortly after, 'King Harold' emerges at the head of his banners to survey the field.

The English shield wall begins to mass...

Arrows from  Norman bowmen begin to rain down on the defenders as the battle opens...

The Norman infantry begins its advance towards the waiting English...

'Duke William' leads the cavalry charge against the shield wall...

Battle is joined proper...

The English were again defeated and a sense of reverent sadness fell across all assembled as a minute's silence was observed at the finale.

A great day out all round, with much to talk and think about and which is thoroughly recommended. Next year's battle event promises to be an even larger spectacle with many more taking part  and we have already cleared the diary...

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  1. Thanks for sharing Monty. I didn't think there would have been so many flags and banners. Very cool.


  2. That looks great, how many re-enactors do you think where there?

  3. I hate it when the French win, will Harold ever change tactics!

  4. I've been there, but sadly there wast nearly as much fun to be had! I remember a great pint or two at the pub just near the Abbey though!

  5. Thanks chaps :) there were over 400 Lurker, but next year is going to be much bigger...

  6. Fantastic series of photos, most interesting and fun to look at, excellent work

  7. Excellent post, a great set of photos. I wanted to go down to Battle this year but couldn't make it, maybe next year??

  8. Cheers lads, it was certainly a good day out all round!

  9. Crikey. Thats a lot of people involved. Amazing.