Thursday, 16 August 2012

Random Painting Part 2

The summer with its fleeting sunshine, along with the usual work constraints and relocating, continue to prevent me producing reams of stuff for the present; however, I have managed a few bits and pieces. 
Here are a few shots of a couple of things I've been doing lately - not much admittedly - as I  have to decide with the limited time I have available whether to concentrate on smaller scale stuff, as I have done up now, or maybe branch out into something larger...hmmm.

Pendraken 10mm Confederate infantry - I've had these knocking about for a while and ACW is a definite for a new period, but which scale...? I intend to use THW's Rebels and Rifles rules set which I've recently acquired and like a lot.

Essex 15mm Early Imperial Legionaries for DBA or RRtK.

I've moved on in my painting approach now and prefer the less uniformed, grubbier approach compared with my earlier attempts at 15mm Romans, which were all clean and identical...

My latest prezzie and next job courtesy of my other half, who is determined to add to my metal and plastic mountain - bless 'er! I will have to dust off and finish my Warlord Romans, which I enjoyed first time round.

Having thought about it, the priority I think, is to concentrate on focus - easier said than done for me, anyway - and just get back to painting stuff -  however little - regularly; while I game at skirmish level, before moving onto to greater things...

That's it for now,



  1. Nicely done. Allsorts going on then over at your cave

  2. A little bit of everything and all damn nice Monty!

  3. Some great work there Monty.

  4. Yeah, some very nice work there Monty, the Romans are very well done, in particular

  5. Great painting there Monty. Did not know you were in ACW. Great stuff.

    1. Cheers Paul, much appreciated mate. ACW is an interest for me, the uniforms are much more forgiving compared to Napoleonics too ;)

  6. Very nice paint jobs on such small figures. I especially like the Romans & their shield decoration.

  7. Good skills Monty

    I still have a warm spot for DBA armies ;)
    Nice work