Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Secrets of the Third Reich

Thought I should probably post some painting stuff as it's been a while; so here are some Westwind German  Mech Grenadiers from their Secrets of the Third Reich range. Typically, I've had these lying around for a considerable time awaiting painting, as I considered moving into this 'period' for a while before dropping the idea, in the usual fashion.

Must say, I was impressed by the sculpts which are nicely heroic in proportions, which suits the subject matter. 

The officer, who I initially thought to paint in SS-like  black, but decided to make him a field officer.

Respirator woes, or maybe an unfortunate chemical sentry conducting a 'sniff test' for persistent  gas vapour prior to giving the 'all-clear'. Maybe.

'Achtung! Zombies - open fire!' etc...

I really like this range, but like so many others, it has been shelved in favour of other things, like Warlord's 28mm 'Boadicea Triumphant' and Peter Pig's 15mm Colonial range British infantry - my preferred new project, for now - the confusion continues...

That's it for now,



  1. Very nice! I keep looking at this range and thinking 'oooh, shiny'. I must remains strong, I must!

  2. Thanks chaps - much appreciated ;)

  3. They look very nice. It always feels good to get an old bunch of figures of the to be painted pile. Makes room for more!

  4. Many thanks Brummie! Couldn't agree more mate, 90% of my stuff remains unpainted - ho hum!

  5. Damm! At first I thought they were 20mm!! Mind you..probably a good thing...if they were it would mean adding to the list of to do´s....:-D
    Lovely paintjob!!

  6. Love them! I have those figures too and did them in a Camo pattern. I have yet to nerve up to doing a peadot scheme though!

  7. Thanks for your comments ;)

  8. Cracking good work Monty, they have a nice industrial look about them.