Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Rogan's Bar

The little woman recently bought me 'Rogan's Bar' by 4Ground for my birthday and I've finally got round to almost completing it; I'm still not decided how to base it - on a dedicated table or on its own base for more flexibility. Apologies for the poor pictures, they were taken in haste on my phone.

Anyway, here it is, 'out of the box', with John Bridges posing on the boardwalk for scale. None of the edges or joins have been painted yet; although, it doesn't look too bad as it is, I think.

However, I did decide to 'tart it up' a bit and here is the result of painting  all the edging and joins to match, as well as dry-brushing the roof and boardwalk , etc.

This extra bit of work is well worth it I think, and  improves an already realistic-looking kit. I must admit, I really like this range and feel they really stand head and shoulders over whatever else is available out there at the moment.

The plan is to build up a town of around six buildings for small skirmish games using Two-Hour Wargames Chain Reaction rules. Although, as usual,  I'm sure my cunning plan won't be completed any time soon...

That's it, for now,



  1. Very nice.

    I am just about to buy buildings for my kids western game. Hard choice, a lot of cheap me to paint buildings or a few at a time 4Ground? Not sure which way I will sway


    1. I don't think you can go wrong with these, Ian, to be honest, once you see them 'in real life' you will be convinced, I'm sure.

  2. Great! Love the green color!

  3. Replies
    1. I don't think they can be beaten at present John, especially the Dead Man's Hand stuff ;)

  4. Really cool-looking miniature good Sir....
    a Great Day to you as well...

  5. I'm feeling like starting a new genre (western) only because of those fab houses. And indeed the drybrush improved greatly the final work.

    1. Thanks blacksmith ;) I must admit, they look even better in real life - 4Ground have done great work with these.

  6. Hope all is well with you and yours goo Sir....
    Happy Holidays from our "Crypt".....
    and , on a note.... "Papermau" has some great scaled , printable pieces for RPG's....