Tuesday, 1 December 2009


During yet another clearout of my old wargaming bits and pieces I discovered a stash of forgotten Hovels buildings hidden away in a box. It was indicative of my rapid departure from the hobby back in the 90s' that most of them were still unused in their original wrapping.

To be honest, I had forgotten all about them and their discovery was a pleasant surprise as a wide range of future possibilities came to mind.

For those that haven't encountered them, Hovels are probably still the premier resin building manufacturers producing a wide range of examples spanning all the major scales and periods. The level of detail and texture tipically used is of a high standard and produce impressive results when painted.

The buildings seen here are all from the Northern Europe range and I intended to use them in my WW2 games, but they could obviously just as easily be used for Napoleonics etc. They are 10mm scale, but as I will show they are better suited to 6mm, which I suppose isn't too surprising as I find most scales seem slightly 'out' when placed next to their intended figures.
This example illustrates this, as two 10mm Waffen SS stand next to a medieval Normandy church, I suppose they would pass at a push, although upon closer inspection the disparity becomes apparent.
The church in question is pretty impressive and is certainly substantial enough with a nice 'weighty' feel to it.
Its two towers and spires give a typically gothic look and I'm sure (once I finally get round to painting it) it will dominate a gaming table and provide an excellent objective/focal point.
I also purchased some 15mm stuff and actually got round to painting it, which I feel are much better and realistic when used with 10mm. Two examples of Hovels 15mm European farm buildings are shown below with the same figures and look much better in my opinion.

I should apologise for the terrible quality of my photographs as they were done quickly on my phone as my camera was offline, show please aim off accordingly.

European stone barn with two hay ricks

These two ruined 10mm buildings could probably pass with this scale unlike practically all other examples.

To sum up, Hovels provide high quality, well detailed buildings that paint up nicely and provide excellent features for any table top battelfield.

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