Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Airfix 1/32 Commandos Part 2

After what has seemed like ages (well, I suppose it has been really) I have finally finished the first few of the re-released Airfix commandos, which I bought in a wave of nostalgic fervour.

They have been painted with the Army Painter and I based them in the Crossfire style (although they are far too big for such an endeavour and would require a table the size of a football pitch) for a commando colleague of mine.
I hated painting them initially as the hideous shiny 'K-Resin' they are made of, while making them quite hard and un-bendy, also leaves them a pain to paint , despite washing and priming. Their large size too, means they swallow up masses of resources.

However, as they progressed and neared completion I finally got it again and remembered all the boyhood joy these figures' predessessors had given me in my formative years. I doubt whether they have any gaming value due to their excessive size though and don't intend to use them for anything other than modelling and display purposes.

I'll complete a couple more examples and post them before sticking them on my desk to fight it out amongst themselves.

Although the example above has been matt-varnished when snapped, they were were still a little shiny and so received an extra blast, which I never bothered photographing again as I'm sure you can imagine what they now look like...
Just got hold of the classic Airfix German infantry too, which I shall have a go at in good time and I can happily report that the iconic grenadier is among them.
More to follow...
All the best for now,


  1. Nice, they take me back to when i was a young un...mind you, we used to set them up in the garden and resolve battles by throwing bricks at them.....


  2. Cheers Yorkie,

    Me too, used to set fire to them too, but they beat any bloody video game as a