Thursday, 7 October 2010

1/87 Vehicles

After much searching for  and frustration, with not much success, I happened upon these 1/87 vehicles - a Range Rover & Mercedes -Benz Sprinter -  in my local Modelzone from Gaugemaster for use in my 15mm Ambush Alley game.

I was pleasantly surprised by their detail, low cost (£2.75) and compatibility to my Peter Pig figures and  not having long to loiter in the shop, I quickly picked the most appropriate vehicles for a middle-Eastern environment with the intention of preparing them for gaming use later.

The vehicles in question, prior to weathering and basing, with QRF Middle-Eastern civilians milling around in the background.

The vehicles, weathered, based and ready to roll...

Finally, with the de-bussing insurgents in full flow...

That's it for now!



  1. They look good. How did you do the weathering? brushwork or spray...very effective looking

  2. Thanks Paul, very kind - I dry-brushed and matte varnished them, after mounting them.



  3. Nice job.

    As a railway modeller as well, I'm always amused by the number of layouts I see where the rolling stock has been lovingly weathered, and the cars and people are, by contrast, straight out of the box and completely un-treated. Nice to see what /can/ be done :D