Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Paint Station Madness

Nothing much to report quite yet, only a poorly executed and quick snap-shot into some of my current erratic and chaotic painting projects....

At the front, 1/72nd scale Italeri Late Imperial Legion legionaries to be (eventually) used in my recently acquired THW Rally Round the King rules set.

To the rear right of them, my next batch of 6mm Baccus Roman archers and Auxilia, to their right, some more of my 13-year 15mm Essex Celts project, to their rear, a self-indulgent couple of my favourite Airfix 1/32nd WW2 German Infantry troops, part of their recently re-released classic figures range.

Somewhere, there is a GW Ork too, which I'm painting up on an ad-hoc basis purely out of curiousity; and finally some cleaned-up and recently based Dixon Gunfight at the OK Corral cowboys...

This is just a tiny insight into why, with my limited painting 'windows' I achieve next to nothing generally I suppose...doh!

Oh, well...




  1. Your table's not too messy. I just cleaned mine up. Horrible mess.

  2. Cheer up mate, you've a whole year to catch up