Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Example of Random Painting Part 1 - Orks

Been all over the place lately (again) with the random, sporadic, painting sketch, so I thought I'd  better stick a few bits up now and again to feign industry.

This post will deal with Games Workshop Orks, of which I've inherited around 30 from a mate, unassembled and still on the sprues, including some rotor-copters machines (I'm not up on the Ork scene much, as you can tell despite being casually interested in the aesthetics of the 40K universe) or whatever they're called.

In true Monty style though, despite having acquired them well over six months ago, I've only painted two - and that was half-heartedly in the background using recycled paints as I got on with other stuff concurrently - so it may be some time before they see any action.

I particularly like this chap - I call him the 'American Footballer' due to his armour - again, the colours were mainly anything I was using at the time.

The 'chief' probably, (my apologies to Ork experts out there) whom I painted up first and had a bit of a drama with his hide colouring - still haven't mastered it yet - drat...

Awhh...don't they look sweet - bless 'em - waltzin' off into the sunset! May get some Imperial Guard, if I can find some cheaply, for a 5150 skirmish or something; assuming I actually finish any more Orks off there's a thought...

That's it for now,




  1. They look good, I've always liked Orks.

  2. Had a bit of a blast with Space Marine on xbox recently - darned good demo!

  3. These guys look great. I love the "American footballer" :)

  4. Very nicely painted. I especially like the Ork in the orange top, the mottled 'grubby' effect on his clothes is great.