Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Scratch-Built Terrain Part 2

Despite over 90% of my available spare time (which is admittedly  decreasing anyway due to a multitude of reasons) being dominated by the (IMHO) brilliant Battlefield 3 multi-player, I have been able to knock together some more scratch-built terrain and bits for use with either my 20mm, or, at a push, 15mm stuff.
Production and painting generally have been pretty non-existence lately due to a variety of reasons, apart from the xbox, so these few items are pretty exceptional, I suppose, if nothing else by the fact they actually got made!

My latest building and the largest so far, which I have dubbed 'The Reichstag' :) 

It has multiple areas and flooring layers to allow skirmishes to occur 'room-to-room' but more importantly gets around my lack of table space...

I went for a burnt-out look and wanted to contrast it against the other similar buildings I have made which I intend to use during the same games.

'The Reichstag' has the largest footprint (4 beer mat/coasters) of all my scratch-built stuff - most occupy singles or at most doubles - so this one stands out compared to the others.

Next up, my latest attempt at barbed wire entanglements - the last time I tried this was back in '96. This example is made largely from polystyrene, beer mat/coasters, cat litter and picture hanging wire. 

Smaller version, which I made first to see how they would turn out...

Finally, an urban rubble 'bunker' with barbed wire frontage - again using the same materials as above; this will provide a worthy objective during  forthcoming encounters...

I think I probably now have enough bits 'n' pieces to finally stage a small 1/72 Nuts! skirmish game - bring it on!

That's it for now - right, where's my joypad gone?



  1. Thats really good terrain Monty. That's stuff I would buy.

  2. Thanks Beccas - very kind mate ;)

  3. Great variety Monty, some clever use of scrap material there mate

  4. Great work, good to see you can put the x box down for a tad!

  5. Really nice work Monty. As odd as this may sound, I especially like the floor boards.


  6. Some fine scrats items I see here, must be fun gaming with those!

  7. Brilliant scratchbuilt - that 'Reichstag' wreck is the duck's guts of destroyed buildings!


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  9. That all painted up very nicely.. Good terrain makes for good games!

  10. Great job - I especially like the rubble bunker. It looks like it could fool a player when its on the table

    Really top notch work

  11. Less of the XBOX references you heathen but damn good work on those, truly awesome.

  12. Thanks again, lads - much appreciated :)
    Sorry Angry...but if it's any consolation I continue to hold a PS3 vigil for you...;)

  13. i have been reading your blog for awhile.your work is truly impressive and inspirational.

  14. Many thanks for your support it is much appreciated ;)

  15. Great ruined building

    -- Allan

  16. This reminds me of the old call of duty games! Awesome